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Are you ready to level up your skills and become a WeeKicks VIP?


Do you have a passion for helping others to learn and grow? Do you want to improve your skills while doing it?


At WeeKicks we are passionate about childhood education, but we also apply this focus to our Coaches, putting their growth and development at the forefront.


Our Coaches are our VIPs. We demand the best, but we also give the best.


Our Coaches receive:

  • high-quality upfront training

  • all the tools necessary to run effective sessions;

  • opportunities for professional growth and development

  • perks and rewards - our way of saying thank you for being awesome.

Club Manager Profile

Are you Industrious?


Grit = passion + perseverance. If you have a passion for childhood education and football. If you’ve got the perseverance it takes to run your own business, then contact WeeKicks today to see where the journey may take you!


We are looking for high energy, hard-working individuals who can learn the WeeKicks systems, add a dash of their own entrepreneurial flair and build their own successful company.


Our franchise partners come from all walks of life, but our passions and core values unite us.


If this sounds like you, get in touch with us today and we’ll send you more information about the WeeKicks business model and what your next steps are!

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