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4 years to 5 years

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Welcome, WeeFours member!


WeeFourgot to tell you how amazing football matches can be! It’s going to take a while to teach you the rules because there’s so much to learn, but don’t fear a thing because Wee have your back. We will start with some more complex team-based games which have the rules of football subliminally interwoven within them before moving on to more small sided, traditionally expected match play.

Our focus will be to teach your child the basic rules and key principles of football. The footballs will be in play more than ever. While there’s not too much focus on tackling each other, understanding how to defend, how to use your body to protect the ball, how to pass, when to pass and when to shoot will be all part of the journey.

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What to expect

  • Did we mention fun?

  • Football- Introducing more team based games and matchplay

  • Guardians are required to sit on the sideline

  • 50-minute session

  • Honing dribbling and ball control skills, including first touch

  • Improve decision-making skills under pressure

  • Gaining an understanding that football is a team-based game

  • Stickers!

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There’s no I in team, but there’s a Wee in ‘Work togEthEr’ Yeah, we were clutching at straws for that one. What we’re saying is, it’s finally time to realise how much your child will need their teammates during the big game. If your child is ready for more competitive play, with the emphasis on small sided games then it’s time to join WeeKicks Academy.

WeeFours player profile

  • I understand that football is a team game and I’m starting to find my identity within a team

  • I can control the ball when it comes to me

  • I can dribble in multiple directions effectively

  • I enjoy the challenge of healthy competition

  • I’m learning to be adaptable when things don’t go exactly how I wanted them to go

  • I understand that I can’t use my hands in open play unless I'm the goalkeeper.

Give your child the best foundation for success

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