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15 months (walkers) to 2 years.

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Welcome wee ones, this is your first introduction to the beautiful game. For this age group, we focus heavily on the art of disguised learning through cooperative play based activities and by using footballs of course!


Our aim is to help teach your child the basics of communication, and improve their physical and cognitive skills whilst encouraging them to participate in group activities. We believe that the more familiar your child is in social situations, the better they will become at problem-solving and improving social engagement with a variety of personalities!

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What to expect

  • Fun

  • Football - introduction to the correct technique of striking a ball

  • Guardian full participation

  • 30 minute fast paced *trial sessions

  • No membership fee

  • Disguised learning using engaging theme based classes

  • Introduction to identifying primary colours.

  • Waiting for turns and awareness of others

  • Promoting sharing

  • Social awareness and understanding of different emotions

  • Stickers!

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There’s really only one way to find out and that’s to give it a go! WeeOnes will forever try and push themselves beyond what we perceive their capabilities to be and surprise us at every turn.

Together we can, however, look for the key learning goals achieved to give our child the best foundation for success in their next age group challenge.

       WeeOne player profile

  • I can match colours

  • I understand there are others in the group and can wait my turn

  • I mostly look where I'm going when I run as fast as I can

  • I can follow instructions, depending on how compliant I'm feeling at the time…

  • I prefer to use my feet when I see a football but I still occasionally like to use my hands when coaches aren't looking.

Give your child the best foundation for success

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