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5 years to 7 years

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Welcome, Wee KicksAcademy member!


WeeKicks Academy where you need to be all about the team to fully succeed. Can you lead your team to improve whilst still improving your own technique, tactical knowledge and understanding of the game? Learning tactical team play will be as important as acquiring your identity within the team. There’s truly no better feeling than sharing success with others.

Our focus will be on matchplay and developing your child's knowledge of the rules. The classes will be increasingly football focused with the aim to further improve individual skills such as dribbling, turning, control and using different striking surfaces of the foot. The introduction of correct tackling techniques and timing means that we have a strict policy regarding shin pads. No pads- no play.  Your child will be exposed to games and drills which are specifically targeted to help them to understand how different positions on the pitch help the team to succeed.

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What to expect

  • We're getting more serious, but it's driven by fun!

  • Football - better understanding of the rules of the beautiful game

  • Guardians are required to watch from the sideline

  • 50-minute session.

  • Improve decision-making skills under pressure

  • Tactical, problem-solving games

  • Football specific drills, to improve explosive speed and agility

  • Games to aid understanding of playing different positions

  • Understanding the concept of a football match and playing small sided games

  • Player of the week!


WeeKicks in schools!

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Did you know Wee work with schools? Enquire with us to find out where or if you're a school how to bring the Wee programme to your school.

WeeKicks School Programme

  • After school clubs

  • Breakfast clubs

  • Holiday camps and clubs

  • PE lessons


    PE training for staff

  • Equipment provisions

Give your child the best foundation for success

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