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Accelerated learning through Football

What does it look like?

Early years football/education development programmes - giving children a head start in life

​Teaching coaches​ and training coaches to guide other coaches learning

Fast track business success through a franchise system

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The WeeKicks Values

We have fun

Life is challenging, but should never stop being fun - if this occurs, we’re doing something wrong. 


This transcends the entire business - from the children attending classes to their parents, to the franchisees running local businesses up to the Club House Team - everyone should have fun. 

We care about people

We are passionate about people and their development. We genuinely want the best for everyone and in everyone we encounter. 


We strive for long-lasting, good working relationships.


We treat everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves

We are industrious

We are detailed orientated people who value hard work and high-quality outcomes. 


We are passionate about new ideas and continuously improving the company, its products, the way it operates and how we can improve people’s lives and the communities we work within.

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We have integrity

We are honest, transparent and consistent. 


We have a strong moral compass and let this guide us in our decision making.

WeeKicks Mission Statement

We will leave a positive legacy and make the world a better place than we came into it. We will strive to find and recruit like-minded individuals with a passion for cooperative business and aiding in the development of our future generations. We will always focus on high-quality outcomes for everyone. We are the embodiment of our core values.

The WeeKicks Team

Our team is comprised of industry experts with a combined experience of over 30 years in both the preschool sports and franchise sector.


Individual bios coming soon!

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