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2 years to 3 years

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Welcome, WeeTwos member!


Two-year-olds; time to get serious! Only playing, haha - well actually that’s exactly what’s coming next! What could be better than play, play, play and having that smile on your face that only being surrounded by footballs can produce. Let the obsession commence!  Wee have to admit, there’s going to be a little more structure and discipline than you’re used to in WeeOnes, but you probably won’t notice a thing until it becomes the easiest thing of all.

Our focus is always primarily to have fun, but in WeeTwos having a little more structure with a little less hand holding will soon become the norm for your child. Through subconscious repetition and learning, we instil the foundations of understanding structure and discipline, all without realising it’s even happening. We will help exceed your expectations of what a two-year-old is capable of.

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What to expect

  • More fun

  • Football - structure and discipline

  • Guardians are welcome to participate but encouraged to allow their child to play as independently as possible

  • 50-minute session

  • Introduction to dribbling and ball control

  • Proficiently striking a ball with a varied amount of power

  • Building stamina to wait for turns

  • Stickers!

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There’s really only one way to find out and that’s to give it a go! WeeTwos have got a reputation for a reason. Contrary to parents' opinions, they’re not terrible. As well as being testing themselves, they like to be tested. So maybe it’s time for WeeThrees…

WeeTwo player profile

  • I’m confident enough to give my coaches a high-five

  • I can ‘freeze’ when my coach asks me to

  • I understand there are others in the group and can wait my turn

  • I can run, and change direction whilst looking where I’m going most of the time

  • I mostly wait for my turn nicely, should I desire…

  • I can follow more complex instructions

  • I use my feet when I see a football. Typically I’ll try and kick it as hard as I can, but I can dribble the ball if my coach asks me to.

Give your child the best foundation for success

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