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3 years to 4 years

Welcome, WeeThrees member!


We get it, you don’t really like to sit still. You're a chatterbox at home, but not so much in environments you’re not used to. That’s fine though, nurturing your newfound confidence will be our mission. Life is full of different personalities and we wouldn’t be very interesting if we were all the same. With more team-based play, your teammates will help challenge you further than you thought you could go.

Our focus is to put your child’s level of confidence in the driving seat. We will ask children to help the coaches demonstrate games to the rest of the group and encourage them to ask more questions than ever before. Learning to dribble in different directions, controlling the ball and beating a goalkeeper will all become second nature to your child. More emphasis will be placed on team games and how to work with your teammates to successfully achieve a common “GOAL!”  Wee couldn’t resist…

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What to expect

  • Even more fun

  • Football - confidence and identity within a group. Communication.

  • Guardians are welcome to participate but encouraged to allow their child to play as independently as possible

  • 50-minute session

  • Refining dribbling and ball control skills

  • Proficiently striking a ball with improved accuracy

  • Promoting the understanding that your team can help you achieve your goals as well as you helping the team achieve theirs

  • Stickers!

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There’s really only one way to find out and that’s to give it a go! WeeThrees have most definitely got the chat and they’ve been waiting ‘four’ this moment (That’s the last one, promise!).

WeeThree player profile

  • I’m happy to ask questions and speak in front of others

  • I don’t like to, but I can sit still for enough time to take quite a lot of instructions if needed

  • I’m no professional, but I understand that I need to take my time when being asked to dribble and keep control of my football

  • I have a good level of self-control, even though I sometimes get the urge to volley my football into the crowd for no reason

  • Although I sort of do my own thing, I’m starting to enjoy helping my teammates during games and understand the concept of being part of a team.

Give your child the best foundation for success

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